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So why use an Online Loan Website?

Through the years people use to apply for a loan by going into a loan office, stand in queue and they had to fill out application forms and provide loads of documents to be considered for a loan.

These days, as everything over the last couple have years; have become much more user friendly and efficient. Loans in that regards is no exception and more and more loan companies are moving towards online loans, making the application process available through their website.

Long gone are the days for loan companies, simply to have a website hereby they offer information and contact details about the offices and the trend towards offering these loans online have increase substantially over the last couple of years.

There are a few frontrunners in this regards and more and more companies are catching up and getting the application process online via their website.

For anyone looking for convenience and safe online loan application, be sure to work with reputable companies that you know off and offer excellent service if you do get stuck applying online.

Best Online Loan Options?

We have been asked this question a few times and we can truly recommend 2 companies that fit the bill in terms of online loans. They offer online loans but they offer different loan products.

The first online loan company is Wonga and they truly have been phenomenal in their growth and service offering since they set up shop in South Africa.

They offer more of an online loan option, whereby people can apply online and they can receive instant notification in terms of loan approval.

The user simply completes the online application form and once the application is approved you can have the funds in your bank account very quickly. The online loans go up to R3000 for first time users and R8000 for existing users.

The second option is Lendico and they offer a totally different product, but still in the loan arena. This is an online p2p platform that connects the investor and the borrower directly.

Anyone can apply online for a loan up to R200 000 and the investors will decide if they want to borrow you the money.

The borrower must give as much as possible information in regards to what the loan is for and if the investor decides to lend the money, the rate is determined and everything is finalised.

This is a great alternative to banks and offer people to apply online for a loan.

Online Loans in South Africa

There are quite a few loan companies in South Africa offering the facility to apply online for a loan, but only a few offer the best options out there.

The trend towards online loans have been growing over the last couple of years and one company in particular stands out above the rest in terms of online loan offerings and that is Wonga.

Wonga have an amazing online platform and people can apply online very easily through their user friendly website.

Another great online loan company is Lendico and they only bring the borrower and the investor together through this p2p website.

You can list your loan requirements and investors will determine if you meet the criteria for a loan. Be sure to look at both of these companies when looking at an online loan in South Africa.

Looking at Wonga South Africa

We have been following Wonga for the last couple of years now and we can truly say that we are impressed.

If you look in closer detail at the user friendly website as well as the brand awareness they are creating, you will soon realise that Wonga is one mean advertising machine that just continue to grow every month.

Wonga offers online loans for people in South Africa and you can apply online by simply going to their website and completing the online application form.

You can borrow up to R3000 and you do get an instant decision on your application, thus giving you a quick result on your application.

If you are looking for an online loan in South Africa, be sure to look at Wonga for your online loan.

Wonga Loans (R3000)

The first company we can highly recommend it Wonga and they have been providing online loans in South Africa for the last 2 years or so.

People just seem to love the product that they offer as well as the ease of online application.

With Wonga you can apply online by simply completing the online application form.

You can apply for an online loan of up to R3000 and if you are an existing customer, you can apply for an online loan of up to R8000.

If you are looking for an online loan in South Africa, be sure to look at Wonga.

We are going to be following Wonga closely during this coming year of 2016, so be sure to check back soon to get all the latest updates related to their loan offerings.

PS: We urge people to take note of the update from R2500 to R3000 that is available for first time lenders.

Online Loans (South Africa)

Welcome to Online Loans and here will be featuring all the best online companies in South Africa.

Currently there are quite a few loan companies offering online loans, but only a few stand out from the rest and we will be showcasing them right here and giving you all the information you need to apply online for a loan.

The on-going trend currently in South Africa is to go online for everything and with loans it’s not different at all.

It is very important to notice that that there are only a few companies that we can truly recommend and provide links to, so know that we will be offering you only the top online loans in South Africa.